I highly recommend Truett Nealy & the staff at Nealy Pierce, LLC. As an Occupational Therapist with 30 years’ experience, I’ve dealt with many recruiters as both a clinician and a hiring manager. Truett is a consummate professional who truly takes the time to find the perfect fit for each client: both clinician & hiring facility. I’ve worked with Truett many years and have always found him to be honest, straight-forward, and proactive in helping find the right candidate. He truly listens to the needs of the facility and makes a personal connection with clinicians in his “match-making.” Every time we have an opening, I only make one call outside of my organization: to Truett. His candidates have become long-term employees. I value the services that Truett provides as he helps my organization save both time and money.

- Sarah H., OTR, MS, C/NDT
Administrative Director of Rehabilitation

Nealy Pierce just filled a VERY difficult position blindingly fast, one that several other recruiting firms had been working on for several months! The recruiters at Nealy Pierce (I worked with Truett and Austin) are extremely personable and hard working. They went the extra mile to learn as much as they could about the candidate and my team in order to find a great fit. I will definitely be calling them if any other needs arise within my department!

- Jordan A., DPT
Rehabilitation Director

“Truett was more than just a recruiter, he was an invaluable coach throughout the whole hiring process. He was always available, even on the weekends, and was very informative and patient. He went above and beyond by helping my fiancé find a job at the same hospital where I was hired. Things could not have run more smoothly. I owe Truett a lot of gratitude.”

- Tricia C.
Physical Therapist

I wanted to express my thanks to Truett Nealy and his staff at Nealy Pierce, LLC for filling 2 difficult positions recently.  Truett spent time with me to better understand our process and our ideal candidate.  When a candidate was presented, they had been interviewed by his staff and himself personally to ensure that candidate had an excellent understanding of the position, our organization and our culture.

One thing Truett did really impressed me – He advised me NOT to offer a candidate the position (a candidate that he had presented).  Based on certain behaviors by the candidate during the interview process, he did not feel they were a good fit for our organization any longer. Have you ever met a recruiter that advised a hiring manager not to offer their own candidate the position?

- R.S.
Director Physical Therapy and Rehab Institute

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with you and your staff on how quickly you were able to find our therapy department two of the finest therapists I have known during my career. Your process and ability to listen to both the candidates and employer are beyond exceptional. I truly feel blessed with having your company find these professional people that fit into our department.  Thank you Truett!

- Brenda P.
Director of Therapy Services

As Director of Rehabilitative Services with 40+ years of experience, I have worked with many recruiters and have found Truett Nealy and his team at Nealy Pierce to be exceptional. I have relied on Nealy Pierce to fill some of the department’s most urgent and critical positions. Over the past two years we have hired thirteen professionals, including physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech/language pathologists recruited by Nealy Pierce.

Nealy Pierce operates with integrity and great attention to detail. They have taken the time to get to know our organization, the staff, our local area, and what we feel makes a good cultural fit. They do an excellent job of vetting candidates and are respectful of the client’s time and resources. Nealy Pierce has become an integral part of our recruiting process and I would highly recommend them to any organization or therapy team looking for the best candidate available.

- Gwen Housman, PT, MSH
Director Rehabilitative Services, Providence Healthcare Network

“Nealy Pierce does a tremendous job of getting to know your organization and your work culture so they can find candidates that fit.  In 3 years of working with placement agencies, I have not seen another agency that works this hard to get win-win situations.”

- J. Lowe
Director, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

“I was amazed at the speed in which Nealy Pierce was able to locate well qualified candidates that fit my needs.  We had advertised and posted our positions for months with no response, but we were able to fill our opening in under a month of engaging them.”

- Vince Cheshire
President, Physical Medicine at WellnessWorks

“I have had a wonderful experience working with Truett Nealy.  Truett was able to promptly find me an employment opportunity that fit my needs and desires.  If I had not worked with Truett, I would not have been able to obtain the amazing position that I was recently offered and enthusiastically accepted. Truett has consistently been available and has taken the initiative to keep in contact with me to guide me through the process of securing this employment opportunity.  Truett has had some wonderful advice and has been a great advocate for me throughout the interviewing and hiring process.  I highly recommend working with Truett if you are looking for quality, consistency, and commitment to secure the best employment opportunity possible.”

- Amy
Occupational Therapist

“I had a very positive experience working with Nealy Pierce.  I highly recommend Truett.  From the beginning, he was not pushy like some recruiters. He just worked hard to find a position that matched my interests.  During the interview process, Truett provided me with invaluable advice which proved to work because I was accepted for a physical therapy position that matched my specific criteria.  Any questions or problems were addressed quickly throughout the process. Thank you Truett.”

- Lance
Outpatient Physical Therapist

“I recommend Nealy Pierce, and in particular, Austin Wilson, who helped me fill a Home Care Physical Therapist position which had been open for two years. Once we had a contract, Austin found a candidate in a flash. Not only was she well qualified, she also was the “perfect” candidate for our needs. Thanks Austin!”

- Lynette
Human Resources Director

“Truett Nealy (the recruiter for my position) was very knowledgeable about the hospital and the key decision makers in the pharmacy. After long discussions about my work history, skills and my career goals, he enabled me to see that I would be a very good fit for the hospital’s needs. At the same time it became clear to me that I would be able to join an organization that abided by the type of management and staffing philosophy that I was seeking. It was very important to me to find a position where I could commit to staying on the staff for several years.

Truett had direct connection to the pharmacy director and was able to quickly arrange the interview. He provided a great deal of support in preparing me for interview scenarios and helping me to go in with a very positive outlook. I had an excellent interview experience and am extremely pleased with my position.

I would highly recommend Truett and and his company. This was by far the best and most productive job search experience I have ever had.”

- Colleen
Hospital Pharmacist

“I don’t know how to thank you enough for leading me to my new company. What a difference from the last places I have been. I am actually excited to go to work and feel very comfortable. Definitely the right choice! Thank you so much!!!”

- Carrie

“We had been down a pharmacist for over two months and not for lack of trying. That is when we contacted Truett Nealy at Nealy Pierce to aid in our search efforts. When he originally told us he would be able to find a candidate within two weeks I was skeptical, but he kept to his word. Two weeks later we had a quality pharmacist accepting a job offer. I would highly recommend him to help in all of your staffing needs.”

- Cindy Cummings
Director of Pharmacy

“After being on the job for several weeks now, I have realized that this was the best possible decision for me. My family is happier, and I am too.  Thanks so much for your insight and knowledge, your motivational talks, and your reassurance.”

- Michelle T.
Hospital Pharmacist

“When I met Truett I had been in the job market for 7 months. Several recruiters had contacted me throughout my search. I had been told repeatedly that the job market was tough and no one was hiring for the type of position I was interested in. After only a few brief conversations with Truett he found an excellent job opportunity. He was an extremely effective liaison between myself and the hiring company. Each time I spoke with Truett I felt like I was talking to an old friend. If I am ever in the job market again I will definitely be asking Truett for help.”

- Jennifer S.
Clinical Staff Pharmacist

“I’ve worked with many recruiters over the years. Austin Wilson is one that “gets it.” He thoroughly understands his role, provides excellent service and follow-up, and is very professional. He and his team were invaluable in getting past the “low-hanging fruit” and finding us a qualified, enthusiastic, local candidate.

It was easy to build a high trust-level quickly because Austin understands he is an extension of our company and it’s branding and represents us in an impeccable fashion!

He is easily in the top tier of all recruiters out there and I highly recommend him.”

- Mark B.
Director of Human Resources

“I’ve worked with many Executive Search Firms and Recruiters in the past. I can honestly say that Truett stands out as a professional and is also an expert in the industry. He takes the time to listen and to really understand his client’s needs which is key to delivering top talent in the industry – which is exactly what he does.”

- Bernadette LeBlanc

“Truett is a true professional in every sense of the word. I would recommend him highly to anyone.”

- Jerry Alderman