• Best suited for positions that have a drastic impact on the success of the organization and where a great hire must be made.
  • A true partnership model; all parties working towards a mutually beneficial goal
  • We conduct a detailed Search Assessment and Position Analysis prior to starting the search.
  • A dedicated team of experienced recruiters scouring the market, engaging your ideal candidates currently aiding the competitors in a conversation about their career and how you can help them reach their goals
  • A national advertising campaign broadcasting your message across the country
  • Local, regional and national compensation analyses to ensure you are competitive with real-time data from the market
  • First-right-of-Refusal on all candidates sources during your search
  • Our rigorous, multi-step interview process ensures your hiring criteria are thoroughly met and each candidate is a cultural fit prior to being presented for consideration
  • Hands-on management of the entire interview process by a Market Expert, including preparing and debriefing for each step, negotiation of compensation to ensure acceptance from the top candidate, and resignation guidance to prevent any counter offer attempts.
  • 24/7 access to your Client Partner with full accountability for work and results