Interview Preparation


Telephone Interview – Get an on-site interview
On-Site (Face to Face) – Get the offer!


Research the organization. Visit their website. Talk to insiders.  Visit with us to learn about specifics like the culture , management’s background, expectations, etc.


  • Be brief and limit small talk
  • Don’t express negative feelings about weather, traffic encountered, anything
  • If in a face-to-face meeting, offer a firm handshake and be sure to smile!
  • You have 1 chance to make a good first impression – Always dress to impress (Suit etc.)
  • Have a pen and paper to take notes with as well as written questions to ask


  • When asked a question, answer it specifically – Pull from your background and experience to provide examples.  
  • Answering an initial question should only take fifteen to thirty seconds. Answers to follow-up questions may take longer, but stay on topic and don’t ramble. It’s okay to ask for clarification by saying, “I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understand the question?” or “Does that answer your question?” Of course, limit these clarifications.


Throughout the interview, maintain good eye contact. Lean slightly forward, remain attentive. Give the impression you are enjoying yourself, and that you like to talk about and share experiences. Show obvious interest in the position and what the interviewer has to say.


Have AT LEAST five questions prepared. Only ask questions which indicate your desire to benefit the company. Questions such as “Who will I report to? What growth opportunities are there? Where can I be in three years?” are inappropriate, as are any questions regarding money, benefits or work schedules. Instead, ask, “What major challenges does your company face in the next twelve months? How can I best help your company achieve its objectives? What will be my challenges and objectives in the first six months? How do you measure performance? What is most important to you about the person you hire for this position?”


Use “stories” from your recent past to support answers you give to questions and be brief. Make certain your “story” is directly in line with the question asked. Don’t tell more than two “stories” per interviewer.


Ask what the next step is. Ask the interviewer how they see you fitting this position. Express your continued interest, keeping any concerns you have between you and your recruiter. Thank the interviewer for their time and information. Close the interview (if interested I could start… date)

Above all, expect to have a successful interview, and you will!